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It’s been a crazy week at the day-job: by the end of this week, there will be three of us doing the job of five on my team, because the other two are leaving for new adventures. It will be the first time since our team was formed last August that we’ve had any staffing changes. We do have someone new starting, but it will be a few weeks until he is trained and really ready to take on some of the work the other two are leaving behind, which means for a couple of weeks, things are going to be insane. Normally, I work with about a dozen people. Until the new guy is trained, I’m adding fifteen more to my list, and I have to say I’m freaking out a little. Even when he is ready to take on his own work, we’ll still have more than we started with, until the final spot on the team is filled again, and we don’t know when that will be.

I’ve been trying to ignore the new, longer list until it’s actually in effect, but it’s still sitting there on my desk, staring at me while I’m doing my normal work. And then yesterday, a helpful little voice in my head pointed out how much more time it is going to take me to deal with these things at the day-job, and boy, that’s really going to cut into the writing time.  Picture me beating my head on the nearest wall.

So I am setting my writing goals aside for the present (and trying not to freak out about that, too), and I am just going to write, revise, study in any free moments I get.  Like I normally do, only with less free moments, I suppose.  And now that I’ve thought about that, I’m kind of freaking out.


Nope, not going to freak out. I’m going to take a couple of deep breaths and think of something nice. Like going to see Nora Roberts, Linda Howard and Barbara Delinsky next month. That will be a fun booksigning. And even before that, we’ll have a birthday dinner here for my younger son, so there’ll be good food and family. Okay, I feel a little better.

Before I go get more writing time in, I have a little snippet of story for you, from the third Medusa.


Hunter had to do more digging to find Katharine than he’d guessed would be necessary. It took him several hours and finally a phone call to a friend at the DOT to get her mailing and street addresses. By then it was too late to call or show up at her door unannounced. But he headed there in the morning after checking in at the office to see what Mary Ann had on tap for him. Luckily, he had a couple hours free before he had to meet with a new client.

He debated getting her a gift certificate for a lingerie store to take along, to replace the underwear he’d destroyed, then decided that might be a little much, considering he was still virtually a stranger.

Instead, he picked up a fistful of daisies and drove across town to the address his buddy had given him last night. A neat little one story white house with an attached garage. Two narrow flowerbeds flanked the two steps to the front door.

And a tall guy in black shoved open a window at the side of the house as Hunter eased his car along the street.

Heart pounding faster, he didn’t stop in front of her house as he’d intended, but down the street several houses, and the way the homes were spaced on her street, it was far enough that the guy wouldn’t hear him and automatically assume he was coming to Katharine’s. He left the daisies on the seat and sprinted back to her house, through her neighbors’ yards. He peered around the corner of her house. The side window was open, and there was no sign of the man. He was inside.

Hunter’s pulse quickened even more. No time to call the cops. He stepped up to the front door, noting the alarm company sticker in the front window. He didn’t want to do damage to her door, though, or alert the intruder to his entry, so he pulled a pick out of his pocket and jiggled it carefully in the lock until the latch gave. Then he stepped inside, holding his breath while hoping the alarm would take a few seconds before it went off.

There was silence through the little house. Maybe she hadn’t set the alarm. He shut the door with no sound. Then he heard a low voice.

Good thing he hadn’t given up carrying. He whipped his gun out as he crept through the living room, past the empty kitchen and an office. He stopped when he got to the open door of the bedroom, leveling his gun on the dark man standing over her bed with a wicked-looking, slightly curved blade in his hand. In the open collar of his shirt, a gold pendant gleamed around his neck, something too small for Hunter to see exactly what it was. A few feet from there, the curtain fluttered in the breeze coming through the open window.

“Drop it,” he said evenly, hoping Katharine stayed right where she was, lumped beneath her blankets.

The guy jumped, startled, clearly so absorbed in his own plans that he hadn’t paid any attention to the rest of the house. Good thing for Hunter, and for Katharine. Bad thing for the intruder.

From the corner of his eyes, Hunter saw movement on the pillow, but he couldn’t take his gaze off the intruder to see what it was. He just hoped she stayed in her spot on the opposite side of the bed long enough for him to deal with this asshole.

“Do you really want to stop me?” the other man said in heavily accented English. “From killing this monster?”

“No monsters here, buddy. Drop the knife. Now.” He jerked his gun a little, indicating the rocking chair in front of the closet where the knife wouldn’t be easily reachable again. More movement on the pillow, and this time, it looked like a couple of snakes in his peripheral vision. Couldn’t be. He kept his gaze on the other man. “Do it.”

The other man’s dark eyes narrowed, mouth tightening, his expression furious. “It is my duty to kill the Medusa.”

Hunter cocked his weapon. “If you don’t drop your weapon now, buddy, I’m going to put a very large hole in you. One you will not recover from.”

The dark guy muttered something Hunter couldn’t understand, something foreign, and, after a few more seconds, tossed the blade away, but not where Hunter had indicated. Instead, he threw it over the bed so it stuck in the plaster wall beside the mirror attached to her dresser. When Hunter glanced away from him to be certain that the dagger hadn’t done any damage to Katharine, the intruder leaped out the open window.

“Dammit,” he muttered, striding to the window in time to see the back of the other guy vanishing around the neighbor’s back porch a few dozen yards away. He pulled his head back in and froze.

Those were snakes on the pillow, several of them.

“Katharine,” he said quietly.

“You should go, Hunter.” Her voice was choked, hushed.

He frowned, his gaze still on the snakes. They were in her hair. “Honey, there are snakes–”

“I know. You should go.” She sucked in a harsh breath, and the lump of her under the blankets contracted.

His frown deepened. That couldn’t be. The snakes were not just in her hair, they were her hair. His eyes widened, and his jaw dropped. “Honey, I think you’d better tell me.” His racing mind called up the other man’s words–“the Medusa.”

But those old myths weren’t real.

One of the dark snakes lifted its head from the pillow in his direction and hissed at him.


Now I’m going to go write, but I could use some encouragement this week, to keep from any more freaking out.  What do you do when things are super-insane in your life?



I just realized that there are a lot of birthdays coming up in the next month for our family.  We have one this week, and then several in July, including my own.


( Photo credit: katedubya via / CC BY-ND )

I don’t think my cake will look like that one, but it’s gorgeous, isn’t it, with the shells all over it.  Does anyone else have a birthday in the next month?

I also realized my website birthday is this week, too.  The shells on the cake reminded me of that–I was at the beach with my crit partners for a week-long writing retreat when my website first went live.  It doesn’t look the same now, though I think it’s still very pretty since my awesome web designer redid it for me.  In honor of my website birthday, I think we ought to have a giveaway.  So I have this box of goodies here…


You see the top of  that cover flat in the very back?  That is the size of a mass market paperback, so that is a good measure of how deep the box is.  It’s got a nice messenger bag buried in the bottom, and a big tall cup I brought home from RWA, a whole bunch of books, and lots of other little goodies, like bookmarks, and magnets, and some other little surprises.

So, all the readers who comment on this post by 5 pm EST on Thursday June 30, 2016 will be entered in a drawing (via Random  Result) for this box o’goodies.

An author I see online regularly celebrates her birthday for a whole month, and I think I might borrow that this year and celebrate all through the next month.  Except the presents will be from me to you, because I have more goodies waiting to give away!


Happy birthday to me, for you.


( Photo credit: sun dazed via / CC BY-SA )





Today is the first day of winter.  Sadly, that is not what it looks like here at my house.  Instead, it looks and feels much more like the first day of spring, rain included.  Our forecast is for record high temperatures heading into Thursday.  If I wanted a winter like this, I would live in a southern state instead of here.  I guess I need to move north.  I like Maine, though I think it’s been warmer than normal there this year, too.

I’ve even been disappointed with the holiday shows on tv this year–or rather, the serious lack of holiday shows.  I am pretty sure I’ve seen the same handful of horrid movies and shows about a dozen times or more as I’ve been channel-hopping in search of something good.  I did stumble on The Family Stone, though, one night, and fell in love with it.  If you haven’t seen that one, check it out.  I just happened to find it again earlier, about midway in, but I still love it.  I have yet to find The Holiday or Love Actually, though, in my channel-surfing.   Shame on all the networks.

I spent a big chunk of my weekend baking instead of writing as I’d hoped to do.  It’s a really good thing I set cookies aside for my aunt, too–some of the cookies are nearly gone already!  I got one of the variety I liked best; my guys ate the rest.  I’m trying to figure out if I can squeeze in another batch on Christmas Eve when I’m busy roasting turkey breast and ham and baking cake.  We’ll see.

What kind of craziness is going on in your world this week?

By the way, happy Winter!


Today is party day!  Yes, I hope that you have all been going already to check out my pretty new website since it went live earlier in the month, but today is my official launch party, and I’ve brought friends!

Beginning at 2 p.m. ET today (July 28, 2014), my Website Launch Celebration will last into the evening!  I am so excited about my website, and not only do I bring goodies to give away during the party, but so have my friends.  If you come to play with us, romance authors Misty Simon, Tricia Schneider, Ash Krafton, Downey Greene, Robin Bielman, Catriona Lesley (aka C.P. Lesley) will all be there with me to chat, share story snippets, give away swag and even some books.

So grab your party hats and come on over!  party hats( Photo credit: Infidelic / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) )


Hope to see you there.



party hats( Photo credit: Infidelic / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) )


It’s a date, so I hope you clear your calendars to come and play with us!  Monday, July 28, from 2 – 9 p.m. ET on my Facebook page is party day, celebrating my gorgeous new website.

I’ve rounded up some author buddies to come play with me for the day, and we’ll have goodies to giveaway.  I’ve got a small collection here myself already:  a cool t-shirt with my cover art printed on it, some cover flats, a $10 gift certificate for my publisher’s bookstore, a $15 iTunes gift card, and a couple copies of my book.  For starters.  I’ll probably snag a few more things before the day of the party, too.

Joining me for the fun are Downey Greene, Misty Simon, Catriona Lesley, Robin Bielman, and Tricia Schneider, who all have recent or upcoming romance novel releases, too!

A conversation with another friend reminded me that we need cabana boys, so I’ll have some of those hanging around, waiting to serve drinks to all the party-goers, and if you have a personal favorite, maybe you’ll bring him along, too.

And speaking of drinks, since it’ll be the end of July, I’m thinking about frozen cocktails.  margaritas

(Photo credit: fredthechicken / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) )  Or maybe some sangria.  I’m sure the cabana boys will be able to whip up whatever you want to drink for the party, though, so if neither of those ideas appeals to you, I’m sure we can find something that does.

Now, though, I need to get back to work.  I left some characters in a heightened state of, um, anticipation, and if I don’t get back to them soon, I think they’re going to be very cranky.