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Anyone who knows me will know that I’m not referring to running with that title.  I’ve never been an athlete and have no desire to change that now.  I’m talking about books and movies.  I haven’t had a good reading marathon in a while–I’ve been too busy writing, a whole other sort of marathon, but I’d bet a whole lot of you have been getting some serious reading time in over the summer.  The past week, I’ve also had movie marathons on my mind and my television.

For the past few summers, SyFy has done shark movie marathons leading up to the newest installments in their ‘Sharknado’ series.  My kids hate the movies on SyFy.  I love most of them.  They are silly and stupid, and tongue-in-cheek, and awful.  What’s not to like?  Some of the actors seem like they’re having a blast in these campy stories that play havoc with the laws of science.  The only one I missed this year that I really enjoy was one called “Ghost Shark”.  It’s awesomely bad–anywhere there is a little bit of water, the shark’s ghost can appear.  It is hilarious.

And this weekend, there is also a Harry Potter movie marathon (of sorts, since they’ve skipped movie number 5 again).  I’m reminded, as I watch these, that I am overdue for  a reread of the books.  I used to do that every time a new book in the series came out, so I was caught up again when the new story arrived.  I am also reminded every time I watch, that there are parts of the movies I wish they had done differently.

I haven’t gotten as much writing done this weekend as I’d hoped, between these two movie marathons, but it’s okay.  I’ll make up for it this week.  And while I’m thinking about all of the writing I should have been doing, I have a little snippet of the third shifter story I’m working on  (actually, I’ve passed the 3/4 point in this one, so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!).


All this time, she’d been right here, and he’d picked the kids up at school more than a few times in the last three months. His timing had just been off, apparently.

He curled his fingers tighter around the steering wheel.

A baby.

His chest tightened. Fuck. He had no business having another child. Not when he’d already failed…

He forced his attention back to the road. He could beat himself up later.

When they reached the house, he got the kids inside and let Joe know he had to go out and didn’t know when he’d be back, then strode out to the car again.

Melina had already sent a text to his phone with Vivi’s address and phone number, and Boris steered the car back toward town.

He was a little surprised to see the car in the driveway of the tiny white cottage when he arrived fifteen minutes later. He’d half-expected her to stay away.

She met him at the door, face pale, jaw set.

He noticed the dark smudges beneath her eyes and stuffed his hands into his pockets to keep from touching her cheek. “Is there anything that doesn’t make you nauseous?” he asked instead.

Surprise widened her golden eyes for a moment. “Pasta,” she said after a second.”

He nodded. “Okay.” He held out one hand finally, and after a brief hesitation, she pulled her front door shut and put her hand in his.

Boris relaxed a tiny bit as he put her into the passenger seat. So far, so good.



I hope you enjoy.  I’m going to back to writing while I watch Harry Potter until it’s time to watch the new Sharknado installment.  And finish my birthday cake while I think about writing at the beach…


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Well, my birthday month is almost over.  I think maybe one more round of cake this weekend.


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I’ve actually had cake here twice this week–the first was chocolate, and it was really amazing, and the second was a lemon with berry and it was equally incredible.  Oh, I lied.  I’ve had cake three times, because at work this week, we celebrated National Cheesecake Day, and my employer fed us all really delicious cheesecake.  Not a bad week for cake.

I also spent the evening of my birthday at  my regular monthly writing group, which was a good gift.


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The SyFy Channel gives me a gift every year, too, the week of my birthday:  a new Sharknado movie, and I’m looking forward to that tomorrow evening.

The bad news (for me) is that apparently no one wants this box of goodies.


So I’m going to try one more time, with a short time frame.  Since my birthday month ends tomorrow, anyone (U.S. resident over 18 who hasn’t gotten any goodies from me in the last 6o days) who comments on this post by midnight tomorrow night, Sunday, July 31, 2016 will be entered into a drawing (via ) for this box full of books and other goodies, like a shirt, tote, and bookmarks.  I really, really want someone to have all of this good stuff.

Now, I’m going back to my writing and shark movies for the evening.  And having a piece of that lemon berry cake.

Happy birthday to me, with the present for you!


Yes, it is still hotter than even the first level of Hell here.  I know it’s hotter in some other places, so I shouldn’t complain, but I will anyway, just because.

One of my favorite things to do, summer or winter, is to watch the hilariously awful original movies on the SyFy Channel.  It doesn’t make for productive writing weekends, but they make me laugh my head off, and the way the news has been the past month or so, a whole lot of laughter seems like a really good thing.

This week is one of those weeks when not much else will happen here, except SyFy viewing, as the new Sharknado movie airs next weekend, and leading up to that, there are shark movies all week, including today.  Two of my favorites were on earlier–Dinoshark, with Eric Balfour, and Sharktopus, with Eric Roberts.  Lots of terrible special effects, terrible dialogue  (and some equally awful acting in some instances), and a whole lot of fun.  My kids don’t get it (but we’re even, since I think some of the movies they like are crap, and they’re not intended to be campy fun), so they don’t watch with me, but my husband will.

So, since it is so horribly warm, I think it’s a good week to stay inside, read, watch funny movies, and enjoy something cold to drink.  Like maybe a pina colada…


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Plus later this week is my birthday, so there will also be birthday cake, something decadent, I think.


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Who wants a piece of that cake besides me?

So, I still have this box of books and other goodies that nobody has tried to claim the past two weeks–who doesn’t want free books?–and I really, really want to give this away.


So, let’s try this:  tell me what you like to drink on a hot summer night (alcoholic or non).  Everyone who comments (US resident over 18 who hasn’t won any goodies in the last 60 days) by 5 p.m. EST on Friday, July 29, 2016 will be entered into the drawing for this box of goodies.

And stay cool, wherever you are!



I won’t complain about how hot is is here (still!), because there’s no end to it in the extended forecast I saw this morning.  Instead, I’ve been thinking about places and times where and when it’s been cooler than it is now.  I won’t post a picture of our one snowstorm from this past winter, but I did consider it.

It was definitely cool (downright cold at some points) when I went to Scotland back in early spring of 2002.  One day on Orkney, we had snow, rain, sun, and 70 mph winds, and all of us had ‘Orkney hair’, especially some of the women in our group who had really long hair.  But it was my favorite spot in the whole trip, because it was the day we went to the Ring of Brodgar.  On one side of the hill, the sun was shining, but in the opposite direction, it was still cloudy and dark.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I hope to get back there one of these days.


The stone circle was amazing, and inspired one of the scenes in Hunting Medusa.  Orkney was spectacular, but that really was my favorite place.

Another wonderful, chilly day was when my crit partners and I went to the beach in March for a writing retreat.  It was not very nice out (what do you expect in March?), so we had spent a big chunk of the day writing, and we were getting ready to go out for dinner but wanted to at least see the beach ,   I did take my shoes off to walk the beach, even though it was March, and, boy, was the water cold!


I may have to break out the snow pictures tomorrow, though, if my husband doesn’t get the air conditioning working again.  It just quit a few hours ago, and I am not looking forward to the next few days if it isn’t functional.  Weather like this calls for frozen drinks, like the giant frozen margaritas we used to get at Chi-chi’s (anyone else remember those?).  Or freeze pops.  Lots and lots of freeze pops.

This makes me very glad that the story I’m working on is set in the winter.  My tiger shifter hero can go out into the snow pretty soon like this guy…


( Photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar via / CC BY-ND ).

So, while I’m thinking about my tiger shifter, maybeI ought to share a tiny snippet of his story.


Someone brushed against her shoulder, and Vivi turned to see a man settling onto the stool beside her.

“Sorry,” he said, glancing over, then away.

Then his pale blue gaze swung back to her face, and she couldn’t look away.

Holy hotness!

Even though she couldn’t pull her gaze away from his sky-blue eyes, she still noticed his rumpled white-blond hair brushed back from his face, the sharp angles of his cheekbones, and the width of his shoulders beneath a red polo shirt.


Vivi swallowed and dragged her gaze away finally. It landed on her drink, and she picked it up, taking a sip to wet her dry lips.

A tiger.

She needed to get away before her hormones got any happier. She put the glass down on the bar and sat back in her seat.

“Don’t let me chase you away,” the blonde said, his voice a low rumble that made her stomach clench.

She glanced toward him, but didn’t meet his eyes. “You’re not. I’ve just had a long day, and it’s time to go.”

“Without any supper?” He turned on his stool a little to face her.

Oh Gods. Vivi couldn’t help the flush burning her cheeks. The red shirt stretched over a broad, muscled chest, and it took her a few seconds to force her gaze up to his.

At least his mouth wasn’t curved in a smirk. Though if he’d been smirking or appeared as if he knew exactly what was going on in her head, she’d have found it easier to get off of the stool. “I didn’t actually come in for supper, just a drink with a friend.” She inched to her right.

“Have dinner with me.”

She froze. “What makes you think I’d be a good dinner companion?” she asked after a second.

His mouth relaxed a little, as if he might be on the verge of a smile. “Just a hunch. I’m sure you’re a far better dinner companion than I am. Sorry I bothered you.” He picked up his glass and took a sip of the golden liquid in it.

Vivi studied his profile for a few moments. There was something familiar about it. And something very appealing about him, aside from the face. Especially that, aside from not pushing her to stay, there was something lonely about him. “You know, telling a woman what a terrible date you are isn’t really the right approach. Probably going to bring your success rate down a little.”

He finally smiled, a slow, wide grin that revealed dimples.

Gods, she was a sucker for dimples, dammit.

He met her gaze again and stuck out his right hand. “I’m Boris.”

“Vivi.” She tamped down the little voice in the back of her head shrieking this was a Bad Idea. When his warm fingers wrapped around her hand, she shivered.

“Vivi, would you have dinner with me? You can give me some pointers on how this should work.”

“What the hell.” She was certain she’d regret this later, but it had been a long time…


So, we are into the middle of my birthday month (and there are a couple of family birthdays coming in the next week, too!), and I still have goodies to give away.  For some reason, nobody came to play last week.


So I’m going to try something different this week.  I’ve been working on Boris for a while, plus he’s been a secondary character for two books already, and I just had a mental image of him, but I found a picture just this morning of a model who is almost perfect for the picture I’ve been working from in my mind–you’ll find that picture over on my Facebook page.  So go on over and take a peek and then come back over here and let me know what you think of him.  Everybody who does by Friday, Juy 22, 2016  will be entered into a drawing for the goody box above (US residents over 18).  I really want to give this box of books and other fun stuff away!

Happy birthday to me, with presents for you!


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It is definitely July here–it hasn’t been out of the eighties for ages now, maybe two weeks, and most of that time, it’s been even hotter.  Have I mentioned lately how much I hate summer here in our neck of the woods?  At least that part of it, all hot and sticky outside every day.  If it could be more like spring here, I would love summer.

So I’ve been staying indoors, in the air conditioning.  My vacation ended this morning.  I don’t mind that, though I did get a fair amount of writing done.  Even though I promised my agent the first shifter manuscript months ago, I’m glad I puttered around with it too long while working on the second and third in the series, because now I know there are big things I need to fix in the first one, and some smaller things that need to be fixed in the second.  But when they’re fixed, the books are going to be so much better than I thought when I started writing them, so I’m happy about that.

I may even find a snippet from one of these yummy shifters to share with you soon.  I love these characters, all of them.  Okay, maybe not all of them.  There are bad guys, and one character who is a jerk, but I do love the heroes and heroines of these stories.


Since it is still July, it is still part of my month-long celebration with presents for you.  Woohoo!  Somehow, nobody commented on the last giveaway, so I’m going to try again.


One of my favorite things in the summer (besides ice cream and fresh fruit and veggies) is a great album.  You know what I mean, right?  Something with lots of catchy songs that you can listen to over and over, cranked up while you drive with all the windows down (assuming it’s nice enough not to require air conditioning).  I have had lots of those over the years–I remember when Hysteria by Def Leppard came out (still on cassette tapes!).  I wore out more than one tape that year.  So far this summer, my crank-it-up-loud song is not a new song, but I love it anyway:  Shut Up & Dance by Walk the Moon.

So, what is your crank-it-up-loud song this summer?  Everybody who comments with their song by Saturday, July 16, 2016 by noon EST will be entered in a drawing for the box of goodies pictured above.


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Happy birthday to me, for you!

Welcome, July!

Giveaway date extended until Monday, July 11. Just tell me how you spent July 4th weekend!

Elizabeth Andrews Writes


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The long holiday weekend is almost a third of the way over already, and all I have accomplished is household chores.  Not what I was hoping for today, but that’s okay.  I won’t get any chores done tomorrow, but I’m fine with that–I’m going to trek halfway across the state to see my dad, which makes me happy.  Then on Monday, writing time, since all of the weekly chores are out of the way.

Before I start getting my things together for the day trip, though, I have another box of goodies to give away for week two of my birthday month celebration.


Half a dozen books, t-shirt, backpack, lots of little goodies.  So this time, every time everyone (over 18, U.S. resident) who comments by 5 p.m. EST on Friday, July 8, 2016 will be entered for this one…

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The long holiday weekend is almost a third of the way over already, and all I have accomplished is household chores.  Not what I was hoping for today, but that’s okay.  I won’t get any chores done tomorrow, but I’m fine with that–I’m going to trek halfway across the state to see my dad, which makes me happy.  Then on Monday, writing time, since all of the weekly chores are out of the way.

Before I start getting my things together for the day trip, though, I have another box of goodies to give away for week two of my birthday month celebration.


Half a dozen books, t-shirt, backpack, lots of little goodies.  So this time, every time everyone (over 18, U.S. resident) who comments by 5 p.m. EST on Friday, July 8, 2016 will be entered for this one.  And what I want to know is:  how are you spending the Fourth of July weekend here in the U.S?



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Happy birthday to me, with presents for you!

I just realized that there are a lot of birthdays coming up in the next month for our family.  We have one this week, and then several in July, including my own.


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I don’t think my cake will look like that one, but it’s gorgeous, isn’t it, with the shells all over it.  Does anyone else have a birthday in the next month?

I also realized my website birthday is this week, too.  The shells on the cake reminded me of that–I was at the beach with my crit partners for a week-long writing retreat when my website first went live.  It doesn’t look the same now, though I think it’s still very pretty since my awesome web designer redid it for me.  In honor of my website birthday, I think we ought to have a giveaway.  So I have this box of goodies here…


You see the top of  that cover flat in the very back?  That is the size of a mass market paperback, so that is a good measure of how deep the box is.  It’s got a nice messenger bag buried in the bottom, and a big tall cup I brought home from RWA, a whole bunch of books, and lots of other little goodies, like bookmarks, and magnets, and some other little surprises.

So, all the readers who comment on this post by 5 pm EST on Thursday June 30, 2016 will be entered in a drawing (via Random  Result) for this box o’goodies.

An author I see online regularly celebrates her birthday for a whole month, and I think I might borrow that this year and celebrate all through the next month.  Except the presents will be from me to you, because I have more goodies waiting to give away!


Happy birthday to me, for you.


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