Elizabeth Andrews has been a book lover since before she was old enough to read them on her own.  As a youngster, she read her copies of Little Women and the Little House series so many times, they fell apart.  As an adult, her book habit continues.  She has a room overflowing with her collection right now, and still more accumulating in other rooms in the house.

For almost as long as she’s been reading great stories, Elizabeth has been trying to write her own.  Thanks to a fifth grade teacher who started the class on creative writing, she went from writing creative sentences to short stories and eventually to full length novels.  And when her dad brought home a used typewriter, he saved her poor, callused fingers from permanent damage.

She found her mother’s stash of romance novels as a teenager, and, though she adores several horror writers, romance has been her very favorite kind of book ever since, so writing romances was a natural progression for her stories.  There are more than just a few manuscripts, however, tucked away in a filing cabinet that will never see the light of day.

These days Elizabeth is writing both paranormal and contemporary romance novels, with her first paranormal, Hunting Medusa, due out January 28, 2014 from Samhain Publishing.  She is represented by Nalini Akolekar at Spencerhill Associates.

Along with her enormous book stash, she lives with her husband of nearly twenty years and two teenage sons, though no one else in the house reads nearly as much as she does.  When she’s not at work or buried in books or writing, there is a garden outside full of herbs, flowers and vegetables that requires occasional attention.

You can also find her on TwitterGoodreads, and Facebook.