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I want to say it’s been a good week.  The beginning sure wasn’t, but the end was much better.  I’ve told you that I have a couple of sick family members, and I have a couple of friends who are going through some very difficult things now as well.  These things take up a lot of space in my thoughts these days, but I am trying not to worry so much about things I cannot control.  So when I have time to write, I am writing.  or editing, depending on the situation.  Today is for both.  Also, I’m watching a strange little movie called The Lovers with Josh Hartnett right now, while I write my blog post for the week.  I’m not in love with the story, but since I’ve invested so much time in it, I have to watch to the end now.  Plus, there is the eye-candy.  But if you haven’t watched it, I’d say even for the eye-candy, find a different movie to watch.  Or maybe re-watch Penny Dreadful instead, if Josh is your eye-candy of choice.

I’m wondering how other people manage to keep working and finding inspiration when there are so many bad things going on around them.  Some days, it’s really difficult not to worry, let alone how to summon up any creativity.  My brain is too full some days, which means I might only get a little work done, not the bigger chunks I hope for.

I think the inside of my brain some days looks like this…


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Now imagine that tangle is moving, about five hundred miles an hour.  That is what my brain feels like some days.  How do you untangle that?  Or at least slow it down when you need to stop thinking so hard about one thing and redirect your brain to something else?   I can do it when I’m reading a great story, tune everything else out.  But with everything that’s been going on since last summer here, I’m finding it more of a challenge to do it otherwise.  But I am still making progress, which is a good thing, though it’s slower than I want.

So, while I go back to rewrites on tiger shifter #1, maybe a little snippet of story for you.


Of the cats, only the tiger remained.
Smiling, she went inside to visit with him, but he was napping in the far corner of his cage, so instead, she headed for her office and collected her purse. She could get home without having to call for an escort. It was bad enough Joe had dragged himself out of bed early that morning to follow her to work. She didn’t want to get him back out of bed now.
Convinced, she climbed into her car and steered toward home.
It wasn’t until she was about fifteen minutes from the house that she realized the car behind her had been there for a while. She tried to brush away the concern, but her pulse quickened anyway. Stupid. She was just being paranoid, thanks to all this time with Harley and Boris trailing her back and forth.
Except the car got closer when she turned onto the next road.
Tessa frowned in the rearview mirror. “Are you kidding me?” She pressed her foot harder on the accelerator. The car behind her sped up, too. “Dammit.” There was no talking herself out of this now. She steered the car away from home when she got to the next intersection, doubling back in the opposite direction–toward India’s.

The other car kept pace with her, even on the twisting, windy portions of the road. But when she steered onto the route that led to the Wentworths’, the other driver must have finally realized her destination–he sped up again, coming closer and closer to her back bumper.
Tessa’s heart already beat too fast, but now it pumped so hard, her ribs hurt. She accelerated a little more. Then more.
The other car kept pace, even drew nearer.

Her mouth went dry. “Stupid ass,” she muttered.
When he bumped her, her heart stopped beating for a long, painful moment. The car shuddered a little, slipping before regaining traction. She pressed harder on the gas. Almost there–the gate at the end of the drive was just coming into view.
He hit her harder the second time, making the back end of the car swing out to the side, raising dust and gravel on the shoulder of the road.
Tessa realized she’d screamed even as she fought to make the car go where she wanted it to go. When she had it back on the road, she jammed her foot on the gas.



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See you next week!



I’m still wrapping my head around knowing that in a little over a week, my first book won’t be out in the world anymore.  At least until I figure out what to do with it and its two follow-up stories. I’m still thinking about that, and when I have made a decision and a plan, I’ll be sure to let you know.


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In the meantime, I’m still working on my shifters, both rewriting the first book (again; I’ve almost reached the point where I hate the characters and the story, so I must be getting close to where it should be, at last!), and scribbling every day  on the fourth book (for a character I had not intended to write a book for, but he kept coming back to me, all broody and hot).

We’ve been having really ridiculously unseasonable weather here in PA this winter, but I’m still holding out hope that we might get a good snowstorm before this is all over.  It’s only February, and we’ve had snow much later than this in our neck of the woods.  I’m going to cross my fingers we get it.

And, while I go back to working on tiger shifter #4 and his winter story, I’ve go a little snippet from Hunting Medusa to share with you.  If you’ve wanted to get a copy, you only have about a week to do that before Samhain closes its doors forever.


She glanced at him. “I’m fine. You should get some sleep while you can.”
He sighed, but didn’t reply.
She knew he didn’t sleep, though. Not for a long, long time. She stared out into the dark, trying not to think of the things he’d said to her. The accusation he’d made about her family earlier. That one hurt. The other declaration scared the hell out of her.
It also made her heart beat faster with pleasure.
That was not a good thing. She couldn’t have a man in love with her who intended to kill her.
Then again, that same man had also promised he’d die to protect her. He’d already lied to his family to keep her safe.
Kallan Tassos was a lot more complicated than she would have guessed.
Hours later, her brain had simply given up on trying to figure out the tangled mess of her life when she felt his hand on her shoulder. “My turn.”
She didn’t argue this time, getting slowly to her feet and stretching. He kissed the top of her head.

“Get some sleep, meli. I’ll keep watch.” His hand slid down her back, and he nudged her toward the sleeping bag.
Andi kicked off her boots and rolled into the blankets, which were still warm from his body. She inhaled deeply, his scent making her smile a little. He smelled good. She fell asleep thinking that.
When she woke, there was faint light outlining the cave opening where Kallan stood, every muscle tense.
“Is he coming?” She threw back the blankets and grabbed her boots.

“He’s somewhere on the mountain. And he’s got company.” He glanced over his shoulder at her, but it was still too dark to see his expression.
Her heart pounded crazily in her chest, making it hard to breathe evenly. She fumbled with the laces on her boots for a few seconds, then got to her feet. “How long?”
“If they follow our trail from yesterday, five hours or so. If they follow Stavros’s eye for magic, much less.” He moved away from the entrance. “Either way, we need to be gone long before he finds this place.”
She nodded, folding blankets with trembling hands.
“Andrea.” He caught her wrists as she wrestled the sleeping bag into submission.
She looked up and found his eyes dark with concern, but his jaw hard with determination.
“We’ll be fine.”
She swallowed and nodded. “Okay.” She had to trust him on this—that he would get her to safety and not hand her over to his cousin who wouldn’t care if they got the amulet or not before he wiped her off the face of the earth.
After all, he hadn’t killed her over the past few days when it would have been extremely easy.

She paused in her folding at that thought.
The Harvester hadn’t killed her.


Hope you all have a great week!



We are missing out on the snow, again.  Our weather here this week has been extra-messed-up–mid-week it was 60, before the temps plummeted and we got a couple inches of heavy, wet snow that melted already, because the temperatures went back up into the 50s.  I want a real winter! Right now, it’s raining and looks like an early spring day more than a mid-winter day.  Of course, if we were a few states north, we would be getting buried in snow, and I would be thrilled about it.

So, what is a rainy Sunday good for?  Plenty, I suppose, like household chores and reading. Or visiting with family.  My day will probably combine some of the latter and a few of that first item.  And hopefully later some writing time before the second half of The Walking Dead season begins and our whole family settles in to watch.

I’m going to miss seeing some reader and writer friends today, but I got to see a whole lot of them yesterday, at the annual Valentine’s Day booksigning.  This was my third year of participating, and they’re always a lot of fun.  Talking books with readers and other authors is one of the best ways to spend a few hours, right?  This one was a little sad for me, though, because earlier in the week, we got the official news that my publisher is going to close up shop at the end of the month.  So I have to figure out what to do with Hunting Medusa (and the other two books in the trilogy, finally!) when I get my rights back.

Most publishers don’t want to publish a book that’s already been available from someone else, though it happens.  A better option, I suppose, is self-publishing the trilogy.  Scary thought!  I have to give this more time, to figure out the best thing to do, and then devising a plan to get it done.   Guess I’ll be reworking my writing goals for the year, once I figure this out.

Now, though, I need to go do some of those things on my rainy-Sunday list.  The pics below are some of what you missed if you weren’t at the booksigning yesterday.

dsc00239 dsc00244

And, before I go, maybe a little bit of Hunting Medusa for you…


“Aristotle Tassos.”
The elderly man started, jumping from his chair so the papers he held fluttered to the floor beside his desk.
Athena remained standing in the doorway to his office, watching his olive skin pale before he dropped to his knees, bowing his head.
“My Lady.” His voice shook.
“Your nephew has taken the Medusa away, Aristotle. How could a Tassos do that?” She glared, noting his silver hair was thinning far more than the last time She’d deigned to visit him.
“My Lady?” He straightened slightly, though not far enough to actually look directly at Her. “My nephews burn to kill the Medusa.”
“Not Kallan.” She watched his mouth drop open. “He has helped her escape.” She narrowed Her gaze on his stunned face. “How could you not know this about him?”
Her Harvester shook his head slowly. “I am so sorry, My Lady. I assure You I will find him. And her.”
“I am sure you will. I expect you will.” She set Her hands on Her hips. “Do not fail Me, Aristotle. It has been many years since your family has fulfilled its duty. It may be very bad for you and yours if you fail again.”
Aristotle nodded, bowing, his face flushed a ruddy color. Embarrassed, She was sure, by the reminder of the failures of recent years. Good. He and his should be humiliated to have been outwitted by the Medusas of the past several generations.
“I would hate to have to return to see you on this matter again, Aristotle,” She said, gentling Her tone just a little. “I understand you are loyal to Me, even if one of your number is no longer.”

His mouth tightened. “I will make sure we get her this time, My Lady.”
Athena nodded. “I will be monitoring your progress.”
She was gone before Aristotle looked up.


Oh, one last thing!  If you’ve been meaning to pick up a copy of Hunting Medusa (or any other Samhain title) you’re running out of time now.  Plus I just realized this morning (2/12/17) that it is on sale in the Samhain store for half price, so it’s probably a really good time to grab it in its original form.

Valentine’s Day is this week, so here’s hoping for a much better week this week, full of love and chocolate!